The Company

Berryactives Ltd grows and freeze-dries Aronia melanocarpa for health-conscious individuals.
What We Do
What We Do

Berryactives Ltd grows and freeze-dries Aronia melanocarpa.

The company recognises the increasing move from pharmaceutical health maintenance towards more nutraceutical methods of health maintenance.

Berryactives is firmly grounded in science. We don't make extravagant or unsubstantiated claims. We expect consumers to investigate current research into the health-promoting potential of Aronia. 

Berryactives Aronia is grown in the Alexandra basin of Central Otago, New Zealand. Over years of trials the company has learned to utilise the unique climatic conditions of the basin to grow a berryfruit with a remarkable anthocyanin and antioxidant profile.

Who We Are

BerryActives Ltd is directed by Ross and Jono Meldrum.

As Directors, we recognise the increasing number of people seeking a more natural nutraceutical form of health maintenance.

Over years of trials and testing we have established that the Aronia berry, when grown under optimal conditions in the Alexandra basin, produces an extraordinary anthocyanin and antioxidant profile that may have significant health benefits.

Concurrent freezedrying trials by Ross confirmed that Berryactives could present Central Otago Aronia in a 100% pure, powdered form - thus preserving the bioactivity and synergies of the fresh berry.

Barry Mackie is Berryactives' horticultural advisor. Barry's innate understanding of Central Otago growing conditions and his significant horticultural experience have enabled Berryactives to grow the Aronia berry on a commercial scale. Barry is integral in helping Berryactives offer a natural alternative for those seeking to reduce their reliance on pharmaceutical products.

Ross Meldrum Ross Meldrum
Ross Meldrum
Berryactives Director

Health professional with tertiary qualifications in Dentistry, Chemistry and Public Health

Jono Meldrum Jono Meldrum
Jono Meldrum
Berryactives Director

Civil Engineer with a career of commissioned service in the New Zealand Defence Force.

Barry Mackie Barry Mackie
Barry Mackie
Horticultural Advisor

Career horticulturalist with innate understanding of Central Otago growing conditions.

The aronia berry is one of the richest sources of anthocyanins in the plant kingdom.